Galeria Cervino


Embodies design and craft in one person. The symbiosis of geometric clarity, concrete elements and the sophisticated combination of materials make his works remarkable.

1929born in Augsburg where he acquired his craftsmanship
51-52 Art workshop at the Werkkunstschule Münster
52-58 Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (Professor F. Rickert)
59-61 leader of an art workshop in Switzerland
s. 1961 works as a freelance artist in Landshut, Augsburg and Munich

HANS BERCHTENBREITER is a silver-smith of accomplishment. His jewelery, vessels and plexiglass-sculptures bear an enorm sensual and constructive expressivity.
Numerous works in public,especially sacral places.

berchtenbreiter1.jpg berchtenbreiter2.jpg berchtenbreiter3.jpg