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TEO OTTO was the most important and demanded stage designer of the German-speaking theater after WWII. He arranged more than 800 productions.

1904born in Remscheid, Germany
1926graduate of the Art Academy Kassel, Germany, Assistant of Dülberg at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany
27 – 32 leading stage designer at the National Theater Berlin
1933voluntary emigration to Zürich. Until his death leading stage designer at the Schauspielhaus Zürich
52 – 58 Lecturer at the State Academy Kassel

1958 until his death: Professor at the Art Academy of        Düsseldorf
1968 died in Frankfurt
Visiting stage designer in Vienna (Burgtheater, Staatsoper), at the Salzburg Festival, at numerous German and Swiss theaters and operas, at Mailand, Paris, London, Edinburg, New York, Tel Aviv.
Important world premieres of B. Brecht’s, M. Frisch’s, F. Dürrenmatt’s famous plays.

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